The Invincible Season 1 Scene That Went Too Far According To 29% Of People

All that’s left are the two most talked-about moments of the season. Firstly, at 23.85%, there’s the limb-tearing, skull-crushing taster that showed what “Invincible” was all about. During our first post-credits scene, the OG Guardians are duped into a meeting by Omni-Man, who proceeds to rip them apart one by one. Met with a mediocre resistance, it only makes the Viltrumite even more vexed, leading to his costume getting wrecked, and Earth’s mightiest heroes needing to be picked up with a shovel. Nothing could top this, surely? Cue the train.

In the pantheon of pain distributed throughout the first season of “Invincible,” nothing came close to the showdown between father and son in the finale. Nolan and Mark going toe-to-toe after the latter learns of his father’s secrets isn’t just a great last episode; it’s an endurance test, with one moment, in particular, being hard to watch. At 28.91%, fans agreed that Nolan forcing Mark through an oncoming train is as creative as it is truly disturbing. Watching Omni-Man use his son as a battering ram, with Mark helpless to stop people turn to bone and blood around him, is the definition of “visually arresting.” 

While the sight will no doubt be scorched in your mind, Steven Yeun’s performance of dread and horror is something we’ve not seen from him since he got trapped in a revolving door in “The Walking Dead.” If you never watch this moment again, we really don’t blame you.

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