The Reason Some Are Convinced Eminem Is A Clone

There are many variants on the Eminem clone theory, but according to LADbible, one of them, from a Spanish-language website called La Guia del Varon, alleges that the rapper died in 2006. This was in the middle of a five-year gap in between albums and one year after he entered rehab for his dependence on sleep medication (via Rolling Stone). Wanting to make sure that he would keep making record labels a lot of money, the “music industry,” as noted, purportedly replaced Eminem with an android. Yes, an android. With technology that is now 15 years old. The only Android (note the capitalization) that’s part of our everyday lives at the present is a mobile operating system, so it’s easy to cast doubt on the theory based on that claim alone.

In an effort to provide photographic evidence that present-day Eminem literally isn’t the same man who took the rap scene by storm in the late ’90s and early 2000s, La Guia del Varon shared before-and-after images of the rapper, supposedly revealing that his cheekbones are now more prominent and his jaw has become slimmer. This, however, is an obvious case of a performer aging over time — while Eminem has aged nicely for a guy in his late 40s, you can’t expect him to look exactly like he did when he was in his late 20s or early 30s.

In addition, La Guia del Varon claimed in their since-deleted post that Eminem has tweaked his image since getting cloned, shifting to a darker wardrobe and toning down his lyrical content. Again, this doesn’t prove much, except that a person’s fashion tastes and songwriting can evolve as they grow older.

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