The Ghost That Haunted The White House During William Howard Taft’s Presidency

According to White House History, Butt reported that the ghost was likely a boy around the age of 15, who would first introduce himself to his hauntees with a bit of pressure on the shoulder, as if he was leaning over them to get a better look at whatever they were doing. Butt thought the ghost a serious enough concern to bring it up to President Taft. Taft did not take to the concerns kindly. He ordered everyone to never speak of the Thing again, under threat of termination, as he did not want the press to learn that White House officials were scared of a ghost boy.

Butt claimed that Taft was still interested in learning about the ghost, according to Mental Floss. A maid had described seeing the Thing, describing the apparition as an unkempt blond boy. Butt wrote in his letter that he was going to dive deep into White House history to see who the ghost was when he walked among the living, but never wrote of the Thing again, leaving nothing more than an odd blip on White House history.

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