The Peter Criss KISS Imposter That Fooled The World

By the early 1990s, Peter Criss hadn’t been a part of KISS for more than a decade and had largely left the public eye. However, as Ultimate Classic Rock reports, he spent those years working on solo projects, doing the odd guest appearance, and spending time with his family. Meanwhile, a homeless man named Christopher Dickinson was telling anyone who would listen that he was Peter Criss, having gone broke, suffering severely from alcoholism, and sleeping in public restrooms around Santa Monica. Dickinson sold his story to a Star reporter, reportedly for $500 and a night in a hotel.

Meanwhile, the real Peter Criss was quite surprised to learn that he was homeless and an alcoholic, considering that he was neither. When the news had broken that “he” was bumming spare change and sleeping in bathrooms, he had to field quite a few calls from loved ones concerned about his well-being. “There was a photo of some bum who was claiming to be me lying in the toilets in Santa Monica, and next to it was a photo of me in my Kiss makeup. I was furious,” Criss said.

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