The Untold Truth Of Blind Melon

From there, things moved quickly for the band. By 1991, they were signed to Capitol Records, but the Los Angeles party scene was proving too distracting to make a record, according to Loudersound, so the five musicians packed up and went to Durham, North Carolina where they rented a house they called, “Sleepyhouse,” (hence the song by the same name on their debut album, per Blind Melon) and focused on music, mostly. 

Bassist Brad Smith told Loudersound, “We weren’t going to leave and go out on the town, cause there’s nothing to do in Durham, so we just played music, smoked weed, and everyone was into painting at the time. It was a blast. It was a very strange environment. Shannon tin-foiled the windows, so it was always dark in there, with candles. Rogers didn’t take off his pajamas for a week.”

They recorded the material they came up with at Sleepyhouse in Seattle in early 1992 for their self-titled debut album, but two of the album’s songs were written by members of Blind Melon before the group even became a band. According to Loundersound, “Change” was Hoon’s song, and the band’s breakout song, “No Rain” — bolstered by the success of its sunshiny music video featuring a dejected little girl in a bee costume turned joyful dancer — was written by Smith about an ex-girlfriend who was often depressed.

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