The Untold Truth Of WWE Legend Mick Foley’s Daughter, Noelle

Although she doesn’t have the same appalling appearance as her father, Noelle Foley initially wanted to join him among the pantheon of WWE Superstars. The decision became the climactic moment of the pilot episode of “Holy Foley!,” a WWE Network reality show focused on this pair of disparately gifted family members. According to Fandom, Noelle’s mom Colette wanted her daughter to be a model, but Noelle had other plans. She told her parents her goal of joining the WWE at a family dinner, leaving her parents stunned.

The show followed Mick and Noelle on their quirky journey to make her a WWE Superstar. Mick worried about her ability to hack it in the ring, so she suggested a training regimen for the both of them. The audience loved watching the man who was Mankind sweat through Diamond Dallas Page’s DDP Yoga.

But alas, Noelle’s dream of becoming a WWE Superstar was not meant to be. “Holy Foley!” only aired for one season, and Mick told Wrestling Inc. in 2018 that Noelle had decided to stop pursuing a career in the ring after getting “banged up quite a bit” in training. “Injured,” he corrected himself, “not just banged up but injured.” Noelle said she’d been dealing with issues related to concussions sustained while learning the ropes of the family business.

She also called filming the show “nerve-racking,” but was proud of herself for having done it, saying, “It’s cool looking back like, ‘Wow, I actually did that.'”

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