Tommy Lee Jones Takes Over For Harrison Ford In Amazon’s The Burial

“The Burial” is based on a true story first told in a 1999 “New Yorker” article written by Jonathan Herr. After facing bankruptcy, a funeral home owner decides to sue a rival business man over “a handshake deal gone wrong,” as described by Deadline. The owner then hires an eccentric attorney to handle the case — and naturally, things only get crazier from there.

Maggie Betts is set to direct the film. She’s best known for “Novitiate,” a drama about a young women struggling with her decision to become a Catholic nun in the 1960s. Her documentary “The Carrier,” about an HIV-positive pregnant woman, was nominated for the Jury Award for Best Documentary at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival, via IMDb. “The Burial’s” screenplay comes from Dough Wright, in his first feature film screenwriting credit.

We’ll be waiting eagerly for more details on “The Burial” to emerge, and hoping it won’t be too long until the film graces our screens. 

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