The DC Hero Tom Welling Always Wanted To Appear In Smallville

“Smallville” saw many heroes join Clark Kent to fight villains and save the day. While Barry Allen (The Flash), Oliver Queen (Green Arrow), and Arthur Curry (Aquaman) topped the list of notable heroes to appear on the series, there was one DC superhero who never swooped in for a team-up.

During FanDome, Tom Welling revealed he wished Batman had made an appearance on “Smallville.” “I always thought we should have seen a Bruce Wayne,” the actor said. “Could you imagine Clark barging into your mansion, and like, you’re talking to somebody and [someone says] ‘I’d like you to meet Mr. Wayne.'” Welling said it would have been a cool thing, and Michael Rosenbaum agreed. This isn’t the first time the actor has said this either.

According to Comic Book, Welling told an audience at Fan Expo Canada that he wished Bruce Wayne had been a part of “Smallville” at some point. “I can tell you what I wish we would have seen, was some version of a Bruce Wayne that fit in with what we were doing. I think that would have been cool,” he said.

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