Is Tupac Buried Anywhere?

According to BET, part of the legend of Tupac Shakur’s ashes is that some of his friends and former bandmates got ahold of some of Shakur’s ashes and smoked them with some weed, per Shakur’s request, which was in his song “Black Jesus” when he said, ‘Last wishes, n***as smoke my ashes.’

But a representative for Shakur’s family told TMZ that was unlikely true, because not only would his mom not sign off on that but the friends would have to have snuck a scoop of the ashes out of the container they were in at the memorial, and there was someone keeping an eye on them. Even if they did steal some of the remains, Afeni Shakur still had most of them. 

In 2006 she told NPR that she planned to take her son’s ashes to Soweto, South Africa, where she said his “ashes belong … because we come from there and always wanted to be able to take his ashes to place where we came.” However, that trip was postponed, with Shakur citing “personal reasons,” according to All Hip Hop. The plan was to take the ashes the following year in 2007, though it’s not clear if that ever happened.

Find A Grave reports that Afeni ended up scattering some of her son’s ashes in a “special place” in Los Angeles and the remainder in her garden at her home in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Afeni Shakur died in 2016, per CNN. 

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