The Serial Killer Who Allegedly Left Amazon Reviews For His Weapons

On November 3, 2016, Woodruff, South Carolina, resident Todd Kohlhepp was arrested after authorities rescued a missing woman named Kala Brown and also discovered the lifeless body of her boyfriend, Charles Carver, on his property (via MPR News). Shortly thereafter, he also confessed to a quadruple murder that took place 13 years prior, where he shot and killed four people at a Chesnee, South Carolina, motorcycle shop. That wasn’t the only shocking revelation about the convicted serial killer, as Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office investigators found that in May 2014, around the same time he purchased his wooded property, an Amazon user known as “me” started leaving product reviews for items he purchased on the website. Quite notably, the user’s wish list was linked to an individual named “Todd Kohlhepp.”

“Havnet [sic] stabbed anyone yet…… yet…. but I am keeping the dream alive and when I do, it will be with a quality tool like this…,” read a review for a pocket knife posted on September 13, 2014, as quoted by Greenville News. “Keep in car for when you have to hide the bodies and you left the full size shovel at home…. does not come with a midget, which would have been nice,” the user wrote in a review for a shovel, showing off their twisted sense of humor. Per NBC News, a chainsaw review saw them remarking that “getting the neighbor to stand still while you chase him with it is hard enough without having a [sic] easy to use chainsaw.”

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