Gabrielle Union Shares An Important Message About Film Industry

Gabrielle Union shared a message on her social media account about the movie industry. Check it out below.

‘I stand in solidarity with #IATSE! #IASolidarity “In the film industry this is a very important weekend. The #IATSE locals have voted en masse to authorize a strike beginning Monday morning as soon as the clock strikes midnight, if an agreement isn’t reached,’ Gabrielle began her message.

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‘These skilled, hardworking men and women aren’t demanding all-white dressing rooms with special edition purple m&ms at their disposal. No, they want reasonable work hours so they can spend time with their families; a living wage, bathroom, and lunch breaks. They want to be able to take personal time to grieve the loss of a family member, or to celebrate births, graduations, and weddings without reprisal. Every sector of the workforce in every industry is feeling this much-needed paradigm shift. Stay strong. Stand strong.’ she said.

Someone said: ‘Sad these requests aren’t the norm in our workforce,’ and a commente posted this: ‘Oh this what my uncle is talking about, he is also in the film industry.’

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One other follower said: ‘Yes I am a bot, and yes we are the most reliable news source on IG,’ and one other follower said: ‘This is why I love youuuuuu! Thank you from one of only female black prop makers. Maybe there more but I haven’t seen any! Thank you thank you for your support!’

Someone else said: ‘@gabunion can you please drop a line to Dwayne Wade about repairs on the Fuller mansion in Robbins Illinois on the corner of Kedzie and 135th Street. Thank you.’

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