Here’s What The Critics Are Saying About Eternals

Those fortunate enough to attend the “Eternals” premier have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the film, and they have nothing but overwhelming praise.

Erik Voss of popular YouTube channel New Rockstars calls the film “a groundbreaking Marvel spectacle, and the biggest game-changer since Avengers Endgame.” He praised director Chloè Zhao as well, saying she ” brings a daring sense of scale to the MCU.” The Hollywood Reporter’s Aaron Couch similarly praised “Eternals” for its unique storytelling, saying it is “hands down the most different of any of [Marvel’s] films.”

Actor Patton Oswalt called the movie “next level,” saying he “Never saw brisk storytelling AND epic scope paired up like that…Chloé Zhao rules.” POC Culture praised the film’s commitment to both character development and its significant role in the MCU, remarking that it’s “grand in scope & has consequences that will reverberate throughout the #MCU but it’s also completely about the characters & how they relate to each other.”

Of course, the post-credits scene is often the best part of the film for any Marvel fan — and it turns out “Eternals” really brings it. “Of all the end credit scenes I’ve watched during a premiere, I’ve never heard the audience lose their minds as much as they did for this one,” said We Live Entertainment’s Ashley Menzel

If we weren’t excited for Eternals before, we definitely are now, and we will be first in line to catch the film when it hits theaters November 5th.

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