The Untold Truth Of Zak Bagans

On the other hand, Zak Bagans isn’t just a guy who picked up a camera because one spooky encounter convinced him to. He has a background in cinematography, and he does know some stuff about how to create mood, set a scene, and tell a story. If he didn’t, “Ghost Adventures” would probably not be as wildly popular as it is.

Zak is a graduate of the Motion Picture Institute, which boasts such other notable alumni as Josh Wagner, who wrote and directed the indie film “Turning Point” that you’ve probably never heard of, and, you know, a couple of people who work at Netflix or got jobs as assistant location managers. Don’t laugh. Making it in Hollywood is rough, even when you have a film school degree.

Anyway, Zak is kind of the Motion Picture Institute’s biggest star alumni, and they don’t seem at all phased by the fact that he makes a documentary show about stuff that a lot of people don’t take very seriously, because it’s a wildly popular documentary show about stuff that a lot of people don’t take very seriously. And when you’re trying to sell your film school, well, that’s at least more impressive than “works at Netflix” or “is an assistant location manager.”

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