Ruby Rose Posts Scathing Exposé Of Working Conditions On CW Set

Former Batwoman star Ruby Rose took to Instagram on Wednesday morning to post a series of scathing statements that blast The CW and various producers for the show’s terrible working conditions.

Ruby Rose departed from the Batwoman series as Kate Kane just after its first season wrapped. It was clear that there was contention between the star and producers behind the set, and Rose’s back surgery after a stunt gone awry forced the star to call it quits on The CW show. However, a series of Instagram story posts indicate that Rose didn’t actually “quit” the show. It was previously reported that the star left the show due to long work hours.

In the lengthy statement, the former Kate Kane actor alleges terrible working conditions on the set and inappropriate actions taken by the show’s exec team. Rose alleges that Peter Roth, President of Warner Bros. Television forced her to work 10 days after her neck surgery. The surgery left Rose nearly paralyzed. Roth insisted that if she didn’t return on the set of Batwoman, the “whole cast and crew would be fired”.

Ruby Rose also recounted how Caroline Dries, a producer, and writer on Batwoman, didn’t shut down production when COVID-19 cases were rampant until the government demanded so. Rose insists that this lack of leadership and foresight led to numerous set accidents, which included a stunt double receiving third-degree burns.

The star mentioned in the statement that she would never return to the show but welcomed the opportunity earlier this March, saying that she’d “…totally do it…  I would absolutely do anything they wanted as far as that.”

Ruby Rose also stated that co-star Dougray Scott “abused” women on The CW set and the production team failed to stop him from yelling and chastising workers on set. There are numerous allegations presented by Rose, which The CW, nor any of the Batwoman team have responded to as of yet.

Batwoman season three is currently airing with Javicia Leslie in the lead role of Ryan Wilder, a fighter who stumbled upon the Batwoman costume. Ruby Rose was replaced by Wallis Day during the show’s second season. Also, be sure to subscribe to Heroic Hollywood’s YouTube channel for more original content!

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