The Emma Roberts Rom-Com Flop Defying Odds And Getting A Second Chance On Netflix

“Little Italy” follows two rival families and their respective neighboring pizza restaurants in Toronto. Their long-running feud stems from the fallout of their joint business venture with seemingly no end in sight — until Nikki Angioli (Emma Roberts) comes home.

Nikki, who moved to London for culinary school, begrudgingly returns to sort out paperwork and winds up reconnecting with Leo Campoli (Hayden Christensen). The former childhood friends with a competitive relationship realize they have feelings for one another in a montage of Lifetime-worthy moments like playing soccer in the rain, acting like tourists in their hometown, and competing against one another in a pizza showdown.

With their unexpected fling and the homesickness that’s cured by slice after slice of pizza, Nikki is forced to choose between her career as a chef, her family, and her feelings for her rival. “Little Italy” is a modern, Italian take on the tale of Romeo and Juliet, trading in the poison for pepperoni and the noble families for boisterous restauranteurs.

Rom-com lovers looking for a cheesy, feel-good film are enjoying the film’s revival despite how panned it was upon release. As film critic Alex Hudson wrote for Exclaim!, though, “‘Little Italy’ is a bit like pizza itself — even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.”

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