Why Elton John Suffered From The Nirvana And Guns N’ Roses Feud

The feud escalated at the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards, where both of them were supposed to perform. Before the show, they had a back-and-forth. With tempers still hot, Nirvana went on stage to perform. They initially wanted to play the controversial song, “Rape Me,” which MTV wanted NO part of. So they played a prank and played the first few notes before changing to “Lithium.” During the performance, Cobain went off the stage and saw two pianos on hydraulic lifts, one of which was supposed to be Axl Rose’s for the GN’R performance. He hawked a few loogies on the one he figured was Rose’s and then climbed back up and finished performing, according to Louder Sound.

Then things really went sideways. The piano that Cobain spent his time spitting on was NOT Rose’s. Rather, it was Elton John’s. So when it came up on the lift, the legendary singer sat down and started playing on it. Yes, it makes one queasy even typing these sentences. The songs apparently went off without a hitch. Reportedly, Cobain was mortified when he realized that he had spit on the wrong piano.

Despite the disgusting incident, John was none the worse for the wear. Apparently, the two bands patched things up after that. Cobain, however, would only be around for two more years, dying in 1994, according to History. Guns N’Roses continued their tumultuous behavior, breaking up and reforming and still performing in the 2020s. No word on what happened to the piano, though.

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