The Unexpected Twilight Reunion That Has Twihards Freaking Out

As “felt emo again might delete” continues, Vandenberg tracks down Cutshall at the baseball field, where she finds him performing a lightly choreographed version of the 15-year-old Escape The Fate hit. She attempts to explain the difference between acting and reality. Before she can make any progress, Thelen’s repeated accusations of vampirism prove to be more relevant than first expected, as an appearance by Kellan Lutz, playing Emmett Cullen, soon indicates.

Lutz and Cutshall then engage in a light recreation of the iconic baseball scene from “Twilight” with an acrobatic fight sequence bathed in the same blue tones that gave the film its distinct look. The “Twilight” reunion moves to the next level when Ashley Greene arrives as Alice Cullen, who shouts, “Stop! Emmet, leave him alone!”

As Greene disarms the situation by pointing out that Cutshall is not a vampire but is “just an emo kid,” Vandenberg interjects to let Greene know she’s a fan. That interaction prompts the most direct “Twilight” reference in the video when Greene responds, “I love you too! We’re going to be great friends!”

The latter half of that line is, of course, the first thing that Alice Cullen says to Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) in “Twilight.” Greene and Lutz then rapidly disappear with the same vampiric speed seen in the films, prompting Vandenberg to comment, “They’re fast! They’re fast, just like in the movies! This is literally the best day of my life!”

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