Here’s What Critics Are Saying About Eternals

At the time of this publication, reviews were still pouring in for “Eternals,” which changed its Rotten Tomatoes score regularly throughout the day. It’ll be at least a week before the number holds firm, but a large part of critical response suggests the movie is going to be a spectacle. If there’s one big takeaway from the “Eternals” reviews, it’s that the movie is much different than its 20+ MCU predecessors.

“Utilizing [Chloé] Zhao’s penchant for naturalistic environments, ‘Eternals’ looks unlike any other Marvel movie and is perhaps the most welcoming for MCU neophytes in forever,” Brian Truitt of USA Today wrote of the feature. Wendy Lee Szany of The Movie Couple added that the film is “Visually stunning. Marvel’s most ambitious film to date. Leans a bit heavier on the exposition. The most different film in the entire MCU which is refreshing.”

If there is anything we can definitely take away from “Eternals”, it is going to be a visual masterpiece, according to many critics. “Eternals is beautiful in its visuals and its storytelling,” Josephine L. of Geeks of Color wrote. “Eternals is visually elegant thanks to Zhao’s creative sensibilities,” added Matt Donato of The Gist.

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