Brigitte Bardot’s Tragic Real-Life Story

In 1956, at the wild beginning of her career, Bardot was asked what she missed most about her life before the fame and fortune, to which she replied (via People), “a life without drama.”

On February 8, 1958, French and Italian newspapers reported that Bardot had intentionally overdosed on sleeping pills two days prior in a suicide attempt, as reported by the Los Angeles Times at the time. Bardot’s public relations manager denied these claims, stating that Bardot had a mere case of food poisoning. In any case, the Los Angeles Times reported that the French actor was recovering from a nervous breakdown at Cortina d’Ampezzo, a winter sports arena in northern Italy. Her sister, Marie, and her “French newsman friend,” Paul Chaland, were reportedly in tow and staying at Hotel Miramonti, in the mountains above Merano in Italy.

The so-called breakdown came after Bardot split from her partner, Jean-Louis Trintignant, with whom she had been living for two years prior. According to her memoir, “Initials B.B.,” the pair split because Trintignant was frequently away on military service and she’d had an affair with French musician Gilbert Bécaud.

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