How Lucy Fry Evolved From Vampire Academy To Night Teeth

Fry noted that “[Zoe] is a little bit toxic, but also super magnetic and super fun to hang out with,” and she’s certainly got a valid point there. Let’s face it: Zoe is the vampire you want to party all night with, while Lissa is more long-term bestie material.

Regarding the biggest challenges between both series, Fry explained, “Well, Lissa in ‘Vampire Academy,’ that was the first film I ever did, so the challenges there were actually just feeling confident on set to play the role and learning what it was like to make a film.” She added, “Being in London and just all of it were such huge experiences. And I kind of felt like I was just keeping up with the work and learning what this is all about, really.” 

But Fry has come a long way since she hung out at St. Vlad’s. “And now it’s a lot later in my career, and I didn’t have any of that fear anymore. So I just had so much fun playing Zoe, and none of it was about ‘Can I do this?'”

When asked, Fry also concurred that her former co-star Zoey Deutch would make a great addition to the “Night Teeth” vampire crew. “Yeah. I agree with you with that. She would be amazing, yeah. And Zoey Deutch would be a great, amazing vampire because in ‘Vampire Academy,’ she wasn’t playing a vampire,” she said. “She was playing the human one. So that would be really, really cool to see her as a vampire. She would make it really funny too, I reckon.” Your move, Netflix.

“Night Teeth” is now available to stream on Netflix, and “Vampire Academy” is also on the streaming platform.

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