The Most Expensive Myths Tested On MythBusters

Part of the success of “MythBusters” is their dedication to safety. A show that inspires kids and features explosions has to be, or parents would shut it off. Even the show’s Discovery science packet makes sure to highlight the importance of being cautious. Still, the best-planned experiments can backfire, or in this case, bounce. That’s what happened when the team was conducting a cannonball experiment and the ball “took an unforeseen bounce from a safety berm,” according to a Discovery statement cited by NPR. 

The costs included donations made to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department after using their bomb disposal range, according to SFGATE, as well as the insurance payout likely for the cost of repairing the house the cannonball shot through, the tiles on the roof it bounced off, and mending the minivan it came to a stop in. HomeAdvisor estimates that it can cost over $1,000 to repair a hole in one wall, and the cannonball entered and exited the house, going through at least two walls. On top of that, it bounced across a roof, and Roofing Calculator states that roof repairs generally cost between $300 and $1,200. Finally, there’s the car it landed on. According to Expert Insurance Reviews, comprehensive insurance covers bullet holes, so it’s likely they’d cover a cannonball hole if the owners had full coverage. Otherwise, it could have cost up to $40,000 to replace a Toyota Sienna around 2010, based on Kelley Blue Book.

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