The Real Reason Anya Taylor-Joy Sang A Capella For Last Night In Soho

You can hear Anya Taylor-Joy sing a little bit during her 2020 film “EMMA” as she plays the piano, but you don’t really get the sense that she could feasibly pass off as a professional singer from that role alone. Fortunately, from all of the “Last Night in Soho” promotional materials, she has the voice of an angel, but Taylor-Joy confirms to The Hollywood Reporter that Edgar Wright didn’t know that upon casting her. She explained, “The first time he properly heard me sing was when we were doing the scene, and he was so gracious because he understands how I feel about characters.”

Not only was Taylor-Joy expected to sing in the movie, but she was to do it a cappella. That means it’s just her voice carrying the tune without any instruments backing her up. That’s a tall order for any performer, but Taylor-Joy knew how important it was for the sake of her character. The actress mentioned, “I just thought from an audience point of view hearing somebody bear their soul a cappella in a slower way, it adds vulnerability that makes [the audience] see her a bit more, and that way you care more about her as the film progresses.”

Taylor-Joy didn’t go through the process alone. She had a major cheerleader by her side the entire way in the form of Wright. “After I sang the song, [Edgar] loved it and said, ‘We’re getting you to the studio, and we’re recording three different versions, and you’re also going to sing ‘You’re My World,’ she elaborated. “I was, like, ‘Wow, let’s go and do it!’ I’m endlessly grateful for the support from someone who knows and loves music so much.”

With that kind of praise, could Anya Taylor-Joy soon star in a full-fledged musical? No doubt Wright would support that endeavor.

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