The Eternals Character Creator Jim Starlin Thinks Was Perfectly Cast

If Pip the Troll’s voice sounds familiar to fans, that’s because it belongs to comedian and actor Patton Oswalt, who seems to be on a tear through the various corners of the Marvel universe. Oswalt recently lent his vocal talents to the character MODOK in a Hulu series centered around the fat-headed villain. According to an interview with, Starlin was not only a fan of Oswalt on the Hulu series, but thought that Marvel Studios also nailed it by casting him as Pip the Troll.

“Now, Patton’s always been a character actor who I think has got terrific range, and I think his voice is just perfect for it,” Starlin said in the interview.

As the mid-credits scene implies, we probably haven’t seen the last of Pip the Troll or Oswalt as his voice. That means Oswalt may be pegged for double-Marvel duty, depending on what happens with “MODOK.” Although a release date hasn’t been confirmed yet, a Season 2 of “MODOK” could come in the future if Marvel Studios thinks there’s a demand for it from fans.

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