The Trailer For It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 15 Promises Some Pretty Unhinged Shenanigans

Among a number of wild moments, the trailer for “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” Season 15 hones in on a number of plotlines. Right off the bat, we learn the gang is going to Ireland. Charlie will apparently make the acquaintance of a man who admires ghouls and cheese as much as he does (yes, that’s famous Irish actor Colm Meaney). Meanwhile, Dennis can be seen awkwardly flirting with a girl, and Dee nearly drowns in a bog.

As one might expect, “It’s Always Sunny” readily refers to controversial current events in this preview. For instance, the trailer reveals Frank was a business partner of Jeffrey Epstein. We also watch Mac and Dennis playing guitar on a street corner in Western duds surrounded by people waving signs bearing the slogan “Stop the Steal,” which suggests the show might have an episode that parodies the QAnon crowd. Elsewhere in the trailer, we see Dee starts an acting workshop, and Mac decides to make a go of becoming a priest even though he recently came out of the closet. There are also several shots of Charlie and Dee trying to roller skate suggests that the show will put its characters on wheels.

There was also at least one callback to be had among all of this chaos. Eagle-eyed fans will be able to spy Charlie wearing his “Birds of War” wrestling costume from Season 5’s “The Gang Wrestles for the Troops” (via IMDb). Will there be more nods to the show’s past throughout Season 15? Fans will have to wait for the show’s December 1 season premiere to find out.

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