Why The True Crime Genre Is So Popular With Women

Early on, women are told to not trust strangers or walk alone at night (via Magellan TV). As Vogue India puts it, consuming true crime can help women understand how a crime is perpetrated and how to not become the next victim. Thus, it’s all about self-preservation, even if it’s at a subconscious level (per Sauce Mag). Simply put, knowledge is power and women use the true crime genre to confront and understand what might be their biggest fears. Then of course, there’s empathy. The BBC reports that as women are more likely to be the victims of violence, they tend to have more compassion toward the victims of the stories their listening, reading, or watching.

This creates even more suspense, making the women emotionally invested in the narrative. The same can be said about the killer’s motive and background; what happened that led them to this point? Beyond this, there is also the aspect of escapism and the mystery to it all. One can enjoy true crime from a distance and feel like their solving the case, without actually being in the midst of it. Forbes describes it as an “inoculation” of sorts. It builds up tolerance just in case something horrible does happen. Whatever the reason one might be into true crime, it’s popularity will live on, especially if it continues to provides a sense of security.

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