The Truth About Joe Exotic And John Finlay’s Relationship

In 2013, Joe Exotic and John Finlay became a throuple with Travis Maldonado. Their three-way marriage ceremony, which took place the next year, was featured on the “Tiger King” series. It may have seemed sincere on the show, but John Finlay has recently spoken out about this commitment ceremony and claimed that appearances were deceiving.

Finlay told The Sun newspaper that his 2014 wedding to Joe Exotic and Travis Maldonado was “a fake wedding.” The event “was basically a publicity stunt, so Joe could get his own reality TV series.” Around this time, Finlay’s relationship with Exotic started to crumble. He had begun a relationship with a woman who worked at the park’s front desk (via Oxygen). When she became pregnant, Finlay left Exotic. In the documentary series, Exotic mentioned Finlay’s 2014 exit, saying that “he left me for a girl. I can’t compete with that.” Exotic and Maldonado stayed together until Maldonado’s untimely death in 2017.

Since leaving Exotic, Finlay has cleaned up his act and got new teeth. He also worked on getting his famous tattoo about Exotic changed. He went to marry his current wife, Stormey, who he met on a dating app (via The Sun). “My wedding was the happiest day of my life,” he explained. “I had no idea what it is like to marry your rock, your soulmate.” He now works as a welder and no longer has any contact with Joe Exotic. Exotic is currently in prison on a 22-year sentence.

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