What Really Happened To Ashley On The Challenge

According to the Twitter account @jaychallenge1, which is a spoiler account for “The Challenge,” Mitchell made a personal attack against cast member Josh Martinez. “Yup all Ash said in a [sic] argument was we all know your [sic] gay…. And they sent her home.”

According to another spoiler account, @GamerVev, Martinez and his fellow cast members Logan Sampedro and Devin Walker-Molaghan complained about Mitchell to the producers. “Josh, Logan, and Devin all cried to production about Ashley & wanted her removed! It’s sick how MEN can be intimidated by women and fake an outrage to get her kicked off. Ashley would’ve won this season & I said what I said!”

Again, those are unconfirmed reports from fan accounts. But after Mitchell’s disqualification, cast member Nelson Thomas confirmed on Instagram Live that Mitchell and Martinez did have a fight. “Her and Josh got into it really, really bad and Ashley, unfortunately, said some really terrible things that you should never say to anybody, no matter who the person is or what they got going on in their life,” Thomas said (via Heavy).

For her part, Mitchell took to Twitter after her dismissal and showed remorse. “I just want to thank everyone whose [sic] stuck with me throughout this all,” she wrote. “Everyone knows I’m only mad at myself and it has been so hard to shake off the depression and anxiety since getting home. I have been taking anger management and reflecting alot. I love you yall so much.”

“The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies” still has five episodes left in Season 37, but Ashley definitely won’t be taking home the $1 million. 

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