Why Listening To Nirvana’s In Utero Makes Dave Grohl’s Skin Crawl

In an excerpt from Grohl’s 2011 biography, “This Is A Call: The Life And Times Of Dave Grohl,” by Paul Brannigan, the drummer explained that “In Utero” disturbed him on some level because it “captured a moment in time for the band, and it’s definitely an accurate representation of the time, which was dark” (via Louder). Cobain’s heroin addiction was out of control at the time and the band was not exactly happy about their sudden and immense success. In the world of punk music, success was actually failure and Nirvana hated the unwavering media attention that accompanied their fame (via Britannica).

Grohl called “In Utero” a “dark album” but that he likes hearing the album’s songs every now and then on the radio. “I like the sonic difference of hearing ‘All Apologies’ or ‘Heart-Shaped Box’ come in the middle of a bunch of compressed, Pro Tool-ed modern rock radio music because it stands out, but lyrically and conceptually it’s not something that I like to revisit too often,” Grohl explained (via Louder). The musician admitted he does love a couple of things about the album, including “the sound of urgency,” and the sound of the three bandmates playing together in a room, but basically it’s not his favorite. “I don’t like listening to that record. It’s a weird one for me.”

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