The Truth About Betty White’s Guinness World Record

In the “Guinness World Record” book, White is listed as the “Longest TV Career for a Female Entertainer,” an honor she received in 2014, according to the Huffington Post. “I was astounded when they called to tell me,” she said to Guinness World Records. “Who? Me!?! It’s such as honor. The book has always been fascinating to me. I can’t believe I’m now associated with it.” White was always amazed by the information the book contained and the range of categories, such as the longest fingernails.

While that’s White’s most formal record, she’s also broken other boundaries. She is also the oldest “Saturday Night Live” host after a furious Facebook campaign to have her on the show in 2010, reported Los Angeles Times. The powers that be listened to campaign and she appeared on Season 35, Episode 21 on May 8, 2010, on the Mother’s Day show, according to NBC. She killed the performance, according to reviews like Vulture’s, that said, “Betty White talked like a sailor on ‘SNL’ last night and it totally worked,” and led to the show’s highest ratings in a year and a half, according to The New York Times. Even singer Justin Bieber tweeted after the show that, “Betty White Rules.”

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