The Shang-Chi Deleted Scene That Changes Everything About Razorfist

The newly released deleted scene, obtained by IGN, takes place during the Battle of Ta Lo. In it, Katy is crouched behind a wall and panicking while the battle rages behind her. But Razorfist is there with words of encouragement. When Katy asks him, “I’m a valet driver from Richmond. What the hell am I doing here?,” Razorfist responds by showing his empathetic side, more effective than any blade, responding, “I’m an amputee from Romania who shouldn’t be here either,” going on to tell her she fights better than most men he’s seen.

The scene is aptly titled “Pep Talk,” and Razorfist’s words empower Katy to action. “I need that bow,” she tells him, gesturing toward a discarded bow on the battlefield. Razorfist obliges, charging his way through swarms of pre-vis Soul Eaters to reach the weapon and throw it to Katy.

Just as he does so, however, a shocking twist occurs, one that did not happen in the theatrical release of the film. A Soul Eater grabs Razorfist, lifts him into the air, and sucks out his soul, leaving him to flop to the ground, dead. While this would have been a fitting end for the character, fans will likely be glad it’s not the one Marvel ultimately went with. The official version shows Razorfist present toward the end of the film, as Xialing takes control of the deadly Ten Rings organization. As the MCU expands in new directions, it’s safe to say we’ve hardly seen the last of the blade-wielder.

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