The Ending Of Succession Season 3 Episode 5 Explained

“Succession” has always been a show about how the rich and powerful are just as petty as anyone else, and this week’s episode hits that theme hard. Ultimately, the fate of Waystar-Royco and the Roys themselves has little to do with the health of the company, and everything to do with the health of two elderly and prideful men.

When the backchannel negotiations start, Sandy Furness’s medical condition is worsening and he’s confined to a wheelchair. Weakened though he might be, he still has plenty of energy for grudges. Sandy is open to a deal, but only if the Roys agree to humiliating terms like giving up their private jets — or PJ’s as they refer to them. This has little to do with business. Stewy (Arian Moayed) even admits to Kendall that if no deal happens, they’ll happily move on to the next company. 

Sure enough, Logan responds with a characteristic “f— off.” Unfortunately for the Roys, Logan picked a terrible time to stop taking medication for a urinary tract infection. This causes him to have a mental breakdown on the big day and he even starts hallucinating a dead cat under his chair. Most importantly, it leaves Logan incapacitated on the biggest day of the year. Any competent CEO would just do the right thing, take the meds, and make sure he’d be lucid. But again, old men and their pride.

By the end of the episode, it’s clear how unnecessary everything was. Logan, Sandy, and everyone else had numerous opportunities to let cooler heads prevail, but each time they chose the pettiest option possible. Meanwhile, their multibillion dollar conglomerate continues to cause immeasurable pain. 

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