The Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 3 Scene Fans Thought Made No Sense

Simultaneously enraged and bemused by the woman’s actions, Beth turns her anger toward the amateur cinematographer, at which point the woman says she “doesn’t want any trouble.” For some fans, this felt somewhat contradictory. “How you gonna scream ‘that’s child abuse’ and film someone,” asked a fan on the series’ subreddit, “then turn around say ‘I don’t want trouble?’ Lady, pick a damn struggle.” 

While some fans weren’t convinced by the woman’s wishy-washy ways (“It’s bad writing dude,” said one viewer) others felt the woman was an all-too-realistic portrayal of your average busy-body shopper: “she’s about half my customers at work,” they wrote. Most fans were quick to point out that Beth’s response to her accuser was a poignant calling-out of her out of context conclusion: “Lady you crave trouble,” Beth says, “you just don’t want resistance.”

“Beth made a good point to the lady,” wrote one fan, a sentiment echoed by another user, who said they “LOVED that response,” and that it was “so true.” Whether the woman’s immediately withdrawn judgement rang true for audiences or not, it’s worth noting that Beth accosts her, smashes her cell phone, and threatens her with assault. It’s safe to say that most people — when (literally) face-to-face with the wrath of Beth Dutton — would probably make a desperate attempt to backtrack their offense as well.

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