The Yellowstone Spin-Off That Fans Want After Season 4 Episode 3

On the “Yellowstone” subreddit, fans participated in a live discussion thread for Season 4 Episode 3, “All I See is You,” where they covered everything from theories to moments that upset them. Several fans applauded Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) for taking matters into his own hands and aggressively confronting an entitled, trouble-making new neighbor.

“Kayce the live stock commissioner is the spin-off we really need,” declared user Harris7123, receiving more than 60 upvotes. Other fans replied to this comment, agreeing that the former Navy SEAL deserves his own series. “Except in the show he doesn’t use guns and just resorts to roundhouse kicks,” suggested user NoComments12. “Straight roadhouse style.”

“I’d actually pay paramount extra for that,” replied u/RipsLittleCoors. “I f—ing love the way some regular livestock officers go around kicking doors like seal team 6.”

Another fan speculated about what this potential spin-off could explore, raising questions about what’s next for this storyline, given they’re unsure it will come up again on the show. With all that said, even though this action-packed Kayce Dutton spin-off that fans are demanding seems unlikely to ever happen, there are two other “Yellowstone” spin-offs underway.

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