The Surprising Truth Of Nagoro, Japan, The Town Where Dolls Outnumber Humans

After finding so much comfort in the first life-sized doll she created, which was incidentally designed to resemble her late father, Tsukimi Ayano went on to painstakingly stitch her dead village back together (via NPR). After creating approximately 400 human-sized scarecrows, she proceeded to place them around town, posing them into various positions mimicking human behavior. These scarecrows vastly outnumber living residents by at least a 10 to one ratio.

Today, if you were to visit this unique mountain village, you might mistake it for the bustling town it once was. Vacant buildings and abandoned homes are now filled with large, meticulously crafted dolls. Many of these dolls are modeled after residents who have moved on — either from the town or from the life of this world (via Penn Live). Arguably, this could make Nagoro more like a ghost town than anyone ever intended. It could also be perceived as one of the most extraordinary historical preservations of a place to be recorded.

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