Tragic Details About Adele

Adele was born in 1988 in London to young parents, Marc Evans (in his mid-20s) and Penny Adkins (18), per the Mirror. They met at a pub in Crouch End in North London, and within a year Adele had been born. Months later, after moving into a council flat (public housing) in Tottenham, Marc walked out on them. Marc was somewhat present in Adele’s infant years, mostly to drop by, drop off some cash, take Adele to the zoo, that sort of thing. Penny, who loved music and playing the guitar, effectively sacrificed her burgeoning art career to raise her daughter. Several years later, Marc moved to Wales. This left Adele caught between a loving, generous mother who did any and everything possible for her daughter, and an absentee, heavy-drinking father who provided nothing. As Adele said, “I didn’t know what a dad was supposed to do because I never had one.”

As Ok! says, Adele and her mom moved to a flat in West Norwood with a roommate. Adele lived there from 11 to 18, when she got her record deal weeks after graduating from the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology. Things were happier in West Norwood for Adele in her Spice-Girls-postered bedroom, despite the area being a bit run-down; she called it “the best house I’ve ever lived in.” The flat was above a shop that has since burnt down but was replaced by a pub called Knowles of Norwood.

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