Here’s Who Inherited John Wayne’s Money After He Died

John Wayne’s will ensured that all seven of his children and his first wife (his second wife died in 1961, per Find-a-Grave) received some compensation, either directly, or through trust funds, leaving them all with five and six-figure sums. He additionally left tens of thousands to both his former and (then) present secretaries, according to CelebAnswers. 

After Wayne’s death, The New York Times reported that his current yet estranged third wife, Pilar Pallete, was excluded from his will. While that was true, Pallete and Wayne already had a financial separation agreement. 

One person was purposely barred from receiving any of Wayne’s estate — his oldest daughter’s husband, Donald LaCava. Not only was LaCava left out of the will on purpose, but Wayne’s instructions stipulated that he was to never inherit her share were she to die before him, according to Outside’s reporting. 

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