What to expect in technology in 2015

From self-driving cars to smart watches, here’s what to watch out for in the technology world this year.

Among the most anticipated is the Apple Watch, the smart watch that Apple will be available early this year.

“The big question is, is this going to be a big new product category?” said NewYorker.com editor Nick Thompson. “Is it going to be like the iPhone or the iPad? Will this watch be the first smart watch that people wear and like?”

The watch’s success could be key for Apple. Thompson noted that iPad sales (and tablet sales overall) have declined. “The tablet trends are really interesting. … People aren’t buying them.”

Apple’s competitor Google on the other hand, will launch another iteration of the Google Glass, though Thompson isn’t particularly impressed.

“That is not a product that has done particularly well. … I think Google Glass is done,” Thompson said.

But he says Google’s other hardware project is the self-driving cars. “That’s the one that I think is transformative and really will change the world,” Thompson said.

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