Frank Fritz Made More Money From American Pickers Than You Think

So how much gold, rusty or otherwise, did “American Pickers” mean for Frank Fritz? According to The Cinemaholic, Fritz earned $300,000 per season.

Fritz, at least, has his estimated net worth of $6 million to fall back on (via Celebrity Net Worth). Apart from his show salary, Fritz likely makes a good deal of money from picking alone. In one valuable haul, Fritz and Wolfe bought some banners advertising carnival sideshows for $700 (via Looper). They later discovered the items were worth up to $6,000. This sort of profit isn’t too unusual for the pair — in a season 13 episode, they bought two Nash-Healey sports cars for the combined price of $46,000, when each car alone is worth $37,000.

Fritz also has income from two books he published. One was written with his former co-host, “American Pickers Guide to Picking,” published in 2011. A solo effort, “How to Pick Vintage Motorcycles,” came out in 2013.

Additionally, Fritz sold his Iowa home last year for $358,000, after buying it in 2018 for $355,000 with his ex-fiancée, according to The Sun. He’s now living in a low-key Iowa farmhouse, bought for just $155,000, The Sun said in a different report.

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