John Cho’s Accident Almost Required Drastic Production Changes

During the interview, James Corden brought up the ACL injury and asked Cho when they knew they were going to have to stop production. Cho responded that, at first, they were exploring “other scenarios” that would allow them to avoid having to delay filming.

Cho said, “They were talking about maybe doing ‘The Irishman’ face thing,” referring to the use of CGI to put his face on somebody else’s body. However, Cho implies that the CGI option would have cost too much, so they thought up other ideas. Cho explained the next option, “And we talked about maybe sitting on a stool while shooting me from the waist up, but they decided, ‘This is dangerous.'”

Cho then revealed it took almost a year to fully recover from his injury, but luckily they were able to finish production with “the surgically repaired knee.” Cho concluded, while knocking on the wooden coffee table, “So far, so good.”

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