Mckenna Grace Reveals The Hardest Part About Filming Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Mckenna Grace recently spoke to Variety about her career as a child star, as well as her experience working on “Ghostbusters: Afterlife.” During the conversation, she revealed the most challenging aspect of playing Egon’s granddaughter in the movie, but it was a good kind of stressful at the end of the day.

As a lifelong fan of the “Ghostbusters” movies, Grace could barely contain her excitement as she got to play a character in this film’s universe, especially during a scene in which she brandishes a proton pack and rides around the town in the Ghostbusters’ iconic vehicle. “It was actually really hard to stay so stoic and focused because of how excited I was to be in the same vicinity as Ecto-1 and Ivan and Jason [Reitman],” Grace told Variety.

Grace went on to say that she had to put her game face on in order to get the job done, but it was a struggle as she couldn’t believe that she was getting to realize a dream come true. “I just kind of put myself in a totally different mindset, and then they’d yell cut, and I’d go, ‘Oh my god! I just shot a ghost!'” she remarked.

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