Spanish to win right to complain to a human

People in Spain will have a legal right to speak to a human rather than a robot on customer service calls, under a planned law believed to be the first of its kind in the world.

Companies who keep customers waiting too long in phone queues would also be fined, under the proposals approved by the left-wing government this week.

Isabel Rodriguez, the cabinet spokesman, said that everyone is familiar with “the desperation of not being attended to in a reasonable space of time and by a real person”. Alberto Garzon, the consumer affairs minister, said that the project was designed to “protect consumers” from unscrupulous big companies.

The move is likely to delight the country’s electorate but could prove expensive for Spanish companies.

The customer attention bill, expected to become law next year, will affect all companies with more than 250 employees or €50m in annual turnover.

It will apply to providers of water, energy, transport, delivery, telecommunications and financial products. (© Telegraph Media Group Ltd 2021)

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