The Untold Truth Of Leslie Nielsen

Leslie Nielsen was such a golf fanatic that he put out a trilogy of spoof golf instructional videos called “Bad Golf Made Easy,” “Bad Golf My Way,” and “Leslie Nielsen’s Stupid Little Golf Video.” Each of the videos feature Nielsen and others being intentionally bad at golf along with numerous forms of physical slapstick comedy (via TV Tropes). As of 2021, each of these videos can still be found on YouTube. Nielsen said of the videos, “We make no significant contribution to golf whatsoever … It is not our intention to instruct or to help anybody other than to have some laughs,” according to The Oklahoman.

Yet his love of golf didn’t end there; the year after sharing “Bad Golf My Way,” he released “The Stupid Little Golf Book,” which, according to its own promotional material, stated “Nielsen has drawn on a lifetime of brilliantly uninspired play to produce the unique collection of useless wisdom, spurious reminiscences, and pointless tips that is the Stupid Little Golf Book” (via Google Books). He also found himself taking part in the celebration of new golf courses around the country, including one talked about in The Oklahoman. In 1994, he went to the dedication of the Cimarron National golf course outside of Guthrie, Oklahoma and is friends with a golf course designer, Duffy Martin. 

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