What Eating Like Buddy The Elf Would Really Do To Your Body

With that said, what if someone went further than to only consume the amount needed for a few scenes, and actually ate entire meals prepared in the spirit of the film’s lore? That question was answered by Megan Zander on Romper back in 2015, and health-wise, the answer — unsurprisingly — seems to be nothing good. She decided that for one whole day she would craft meals that she felt were accurate to Buddy’s sensibilities, if not necessarily screen-accurate. She started out with a breakfast of pancakes with whipped cream and sprinkles, followed by a banana with peanut butter and sprinkles for brunch. 

Lunchtime was less extreme — a peanut butter and jelly sandwich — but it was also by this time that she began to feel intense intestinal pain alongside a dry mouth and muscle twitches. Surprised but undeterred, for dinner she attempted to eat syrup-covered spaghetti as featured in the film, but defaulted to cupcakes when that proved too repulsive for her. The experience left Zander feeling sick and with a stomachache the following morning, though she admits that the process did improve her attitude toward the holiday season.

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