Ella Purnell Reveals What It Was Like Working With Dave Bautista On Army Of The Dead

Ella Purnell only had lovely things to say about “Army of the Dead” co-star Dave Bautista. She said, “Dave is great. Yeah. He’s such a professional, and he is astoundingly emotional in his performance. Like his eyes just carry so much emotion.” It wasn’t just acting that he excelled at. According to Purnell, if you need someone to get a group of tired actors pumped up, Bautista is your guy. She added, “And he’s a great team leader, which was perfect for the role, but you know, he really gathered the troops and on days where, it’s a big cast, and on days where we were tired, or just energy was down, it was just hot, like a thousand degrees in Albuquerque. Yeah. He would just rally the troops and get us all jazzed.”

Purnell’s Netflix series “Arcane” was her first released voice acting role, but she has a number of them in the works — including “Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas.” On whether she feels more prepared for that after “Arcane,” she said, “Well, that one’s already done, so I don’t know how … actually, let me think.” 

She added, “I don’t actually think I can say. What I can say is that voiceover acting, it’s given me a new level of freedom that I’ve never had before as a screen actor and especially having done this and ‘Star Trek,’ which is my other animated show that comes out, tomorrow actually, it’s helped me grow as an actor so much.” She noted that her wild character in “Arcane” helped amp up her energy for “Lost Vegas.” Purnell explained, “And I probably would not have been able to bring the same energy and experience into ‘Army of the Dead’ had I not done this as well.”

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