Shang-Chi’s Stunt Coordinator Reveals How They Really Shot The Bus Fight

Two scenes in particular rotated through multiple versions: the first punch, and the jacket spot.

For the first punch, Cheng tells us that there were “many, many different versions. I would say close to ten different versions. This version comes from Chris Cowan because originally, since he never wanted to fight, he’s hiding from his girlfriend, Katie, so he doesn’t want to show he is a martial artist. He doesn’t want to show he knows how to fight.” In earlier versions, “[the moment] he started fighting is much, much later, but now, as you see in the movie, he starts right away. That is a little change from the original plan.”

Regarding the jacket spot, “I came up with maybe 20 different kinds of [scenes involving] the jacket. We just said, ‘Okay, we want to play with the jacket, we’ll try something.’ So we came up with many different things. We took off the whole jacket and put it back, and then we used the jacket as a weapon.” Eventually they decided on doing a spot that mirrors Jackie Chan’s use of a jacket as a weapon in “Rumble in the Bronx.” 

There was also a ton of rehearsal and planning for how Shang-Chi would remove the jacket: “It doesn’t go long because some of the versions will feel a little too long. This needs about five to ten seconds. This one’s like three, four seconds, and then right away. … You’re off the shoulder, and then you went in and then come back, so it’s kind of faster.”

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