Why Tami Roman Told Husband He Could Have a Baby With Another Woman

“We tried to have a child together. We ultimately ended up having three miscarriages,” the former The Real World: Los Angeles star shared. “My body wasn’t producing a lot of eggs, and that’s why we were having miscarriages because even though I had eggs, they weren’t healthy eggs.”

Roman said she and Youngblood went on to seek help from an IVF specialist, who extracted six eggs from her to freeze, but “those six eggs may not be healthy.”

“Now, I am 51 years old. Do I want to have a child with my husband? Absolutely,” she said, before noting that even if they chose to use a gestational carrier, “there’s a very strong possibility, and I’m very thankful my physician was honest about this, that we could end up with a special needs child.”

“To me, that is not what I want my husband, who has no children, to have to deal with,” Roman continued. “I’m up in age. I just felt like I didn’t want to leave my husband—as his only child with me—a special needs child. You guys may not understand that and sorry if you don’t.”

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