Kevin Hart Jokes Nick Cannon Has “Got One Coming” in Prank War

Nick Cannon better not pout and better not cry because Kevin Hart is coming to town—and continuing their prank war!

From Cannon plastering his face on Hart’s jet, to Hart blasting out Cannon’s cell phone number, these pals are just getting started heading into the holiday season. 

“He’s got a good one coming,” Hart joked during E! News’ Daily Pop on Nov. 24. “The plane has pissed me off. He’s got one coming, he’s got one coming for sure.” 

Hart, the star of Netflix’s limited drama series True Story, premiering today, Wednesday, Nov. 25, is more than just a prank war champion. 

“I don’t want people to think there’s a crazy new direction like, ‘Kevin’s gone dark, he’s not coming back,'” the host of E!’s Celebrity Game Face dished about his dramatic new role. “I think the pivot is more about saying, ‘I got this too.’ I’ve got this bag and inside this bag, it’s a lot of stuff. I haven’t pulled everything out of my bag and the reason why is because the opportunity just never presented itself.” 

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