Mckenna Grace Reveals A Hilarious Bill Murray Story From The Ghostbusters: Afterlife Premiere

On specific moments with the cast, Grace reminisced about her time with the OG Ghostbusters. “Bill was a really funny guy, and I feel like Ernie’s just so friendly. And then Mr. Dan is just so sweet. All of them were really fun,” she recalled. “I think that my favorite memories are actually from the premiere, which was yesterday. My great-grandpa, he came to the ‘Ghostbusters’ premiere with me.” 

Things always get pretty interesting when it comes to family, and one member of Grace’s family, in particular, has a pretty epic story to tell at dinner. On the events of the premiere, Grace explained, I got to bring some family and friends, and my great-grandpa came, and he has this big old walking stick. And it just looks like a random stick that he picked up off the ground except polished.” 

She added, “And he’s standing there right next to the carpet while they finally get everybody together, the whole cast and everybody for a group photo, and then standing by Bill and Bill Murray goes, ‘Who’s that guy with the stick? He looks like a caveman.’ And I go, ‘Sir, that’s my great-grandpa.’ And he goes, ‘Does he live in a cave?'”

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