Why Mirabel From Encanto Sounds So Familiar

The voice of Mirabel is an actor named Stephanie Beatriz, and before she made a big splash as the moody, tough Rosa Diaz on the long-running cop comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” she was largely unknown. After playing Rosa, though, it’s impossible to forget her. 

Per The University of Wisconsin-Madison Badger Herald, she’d originally been hoping to land another part on the show. “I originally auditioned for the role of Amy Santiago because it was delineated in the script that she was Latina,” she said during a 2019 interview at the university’s Shannon Hall. But the casting director noticed something special in her, and had her read for the part of a character then named Meghan, who was described as Irish, red-haired, and “fiery.” Beatriz got a call back for both roles, though, and a screen test lead to her landing the role of Rosa — a rewritten version of Meghan, for which she used tones much lower than her higher natural voice. 

Eventually, Rosa would come out as bisexual during the Season 5 episode “Game Night.” Beatriz identifies as bisexual herself (per Vulture) and was excited about getting to explore this side of her character, as well.

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