Why Travis Wheatley From Yellowstone Looks So Familiar

If you recognize Taylor Sheridan from TV, there’s a pretty good chance it’s because of his role on “Sons of Anarchy,” the FX series about a biker gang in California. 

Sheridan lasted 21 episodes as Deputy David Hale, the law and order character determined to keep Charming safe. This was an important role in the first two seasons, as Hale would often get into altercations with biker Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam), the prince of the violent gang.

Hale’s main concern was for the people of Charming, a motive that collided harshly with the Sons of Anarchy’s agenda on any given day. Though this provided conflict between Hale and Jax, they eventually came to an understanding, and the two characters built a bridge in Season 2 as they mutually attempted to rid Charming of white supremacists. That alliance proves tragic, when Hale goes the way of most characters on the show — getting killed off. 

This was Sheridan’s longest tenure on a television series to date (aside from “Yellowstone,” of course). After this credit, he stepped away from acting for a time to pursue other avenues (via Rolling Stone.)

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